Acalanes Volunteer Page 2023

Acalanes Water Polo parents have a stellar reputation for providing team support and showing team spirit. This tradition of support continues every year as parents work behind the scenes enabling coaches to focus on the players. Every Acalanes Water Polo family is counted on to provide breakfasts, food for pasta feeds, and volunteer support at the desk for games and tournaments. Parents may be asked to volunteer extra time as the need arises through the course of the season. On behalf of the coaches and players, parent support is greatly appreciated and relied on to ensure team success.

VOLUNTEER SCHEDULE: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1JEWZSBH_i5Z12cI-ND6H4zIoRxaPWNY7i4FPpilWcos/edit?usp=sharing

Volunteers 2022-2023:

Team Parents - Tina Sappal

Volunteers Coordinator - Adriana Cavero

Web Site - Armin Berloui

Game Desk Trainer - TBD

JV Team Parent - TBD

JV Desk Trainer/Coordinator - TBD

Clothing Coordinator - TBD

Travel Coordinator - TBD

Boosters Rep -

Boosters Bash Rep - N/A for this season

Senior Night - TBD, TBD

Alumni Game - TBD

Team Social Chair - TBD

Varsity Photographers -

JV Photographers - N/A for this season

Varsity Statistics - N/A for this season

JV Statistics - N/A for this season

Varsity Video Coordinator - TBD

Varsity Water bottles - TBD

JV Water bottles - N/A for this season

Banquet - TBD, TBD

Game Program - TBD

Acalanes Volunteer Shifts (15 per family):

*Volunteer Jobs - Volunteer Job Signup Sheet

We also added a new volunteer shift for the home games. Gate duty charges adults $5 and $3 for children/seniors, cash only. Boosters membership, ASB(Associated Student Body) card holders, and Lafayette school children get in for free. We need one person for every non-league home game and the shift is only at the very beginning of the game, super easy.

Varsity and JV volunteer sign-ups link:


  • Alumni Game - welcome back our alumni with a game against our current Dons!

  • Monday breakfasts - sign up to bring breakfast for the athletes and coaches Monday after practice, deliver by 7:45 AM

  • Leads - Sign-up to lead a team for desk, photographer, videographer, and special events

  • Game day - Away games we need drivers to transport athletes to game sites. Home games we need desk workers for shot and game clock and the book

  • Special events - needs vary and will be communicated closer to event date

Acalanes Parent Volunteer Driver Form:

School policy prohibits players from driving themselves to tournaments or games. School policy also prohibits players from leaving a tournament by private transportation without specific parent authorization given to the coach.

The team carpools to away games. If you think you may be able to volunteer as a driver, please complete the attached auto use form and submit it to Hannah Welling at hwelling@auhsdschools.org


We really appreciate all your help!! It takes a team!