Team Participation Contribution 2021

The participation contribution covers a very bare minimum of pay for coaches; in-league referees; and section/league fees. That’s it. If we relied on the participation fee for our teams, we could not play water polo at a level anywhere close to what Acalanes offers.

Acalanes water polo is funded by three organizations: ASB, Boosters, and Lafayette Water Polo Foundation. Payment details will be updated at a later date.

  • Team Participation fee through Acalanes Webstore (ASB)

  • Acalanes Athletic Boosters

  • Lafayette Water Polo Foundation (AKA Dons 5 Meter Foundation)

Acalanes Student Body Participation: Acalanes Water Polo Team Participation Fees: $350 per player; requesting 100% team contribution. Fees cover bare minimum: coaches’ stipends, in-league referees, section/league fees, team events, equipment. Boys water polo player contribution of $350:

Acalanes Webstore -> Sports -> Waterpolo Boys

Boosters money (the results of raffle ticket and Booster membership sales) covers certain items at the request of each team: all girls’ tournament fees; some boys’ travel; game balls; caps; girls’ backpacks; shot clocks; and, this year, a new goal. If we relied on participation fees and Boosters money, we would have decent funding; however, we would still be short in many areas, because both participation fees and Boosters have limitations on what the money can be used for. It is these limitations that spurred the start of LWPF. Tax deductible memberships from $125-$1000, plus we ask each family to sell/buy $50 in raffle tickets for Boosters Bash later in the season. Membership gets you into home games for free.

Acalanes Boosters Donation

LWPF covers remaining needs: the Bridge strength and conditioning program; a new router for our desk equipment, among other computer/desk and Colorado items; more shot clocks; funding for summer coaching; specialty clinics for our current players (such as goalie training) and young community players (such as our clinics held for players 10 years and older); and the funding for many other random but important items that our teams request. Tax deductible donation levels, team requests that each family consider donating $350. We currently have 26% of our team donating, let's try to get that higher!

LWPF Donation

The bottom line is this: Please give to all three sources of funding for water polo. One good thing about this structure is that gifts to both Boosters and the LWPF are charitable donations and may be tax deductible (check with your tax advisor). THANK YOU.