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Welcome to Acalanes high school boys water polo team


Excited to announce our new head coach Nicholas Jordan.

Mark your calendar for our Awards Banquet, not to be missed!!! Friday, November 4 @ 6PM - Butler home (Thank you Maggi and Alexander for hosting). Awards banquet is for the entire family. Players and their families are all invited, families have supported the boys by volunteering and cheering! Banquet will be at 6PM in the Butler's wonderful backyard. Please dress comfortably as it gets cold in the evening.

Please make your payment. We only have 9 out of 25 players that have paid the ASB contribution. Acalanes Webstore -> Sports -> Waterpolo Boys

Practice Schedule for the week of Oct 24th:

  • Mon, 10/24 - No Morning Practice. Afternoon Practice 5:30-7:30 (both)

  • Tue, 10/25 - Practice 5:30-7:30 (both)

  • Wed, 10/26 - Game @ Campolindo varsity @ 5PM (arrive 4PM) and JV @ 4PM (arrive 3PM)

  • Thu, 10/27 - Game @ College Park JV Tournament @ 5:20 (arrive 4:20) & possibly 7:50PM

  • Fri, 10/28 - Game @ De La Salle varsity @ 6PM (arrive 5PM) and JV @ 5PM (arrive 4PM)

  • Sat, 10/29 - Game @ College Park JV Tournament TBD

  • Athletes should talk to Coach Nick face to face or email if there's a practice conflict.

To Do:

1. Payment - Acalanes water polo is funded by three organizations: ASB, Lafayette Water Polo Foundation, and Acalanes Sports Boosters

2. Positive Parenting - send me a copy of your certificate when completed, we have only 46% of our team, we need 75% to get $500 more in our budget

3. Picture Day is September 20 during practice at 5:30 - OPT IN

4. Volunteer Jobs - Sign up for 12 jobs Volunteer Sign Up

5. Volunteer Auto Use Form - We carpool to games, please sign up to be an approved driver Volunteer Auto Use Form - email form to Nicole Singleterry (if you sent it to hwelling, please resend to

6. Athletic PE - Sophomores and Juniors can get 5 physical education credits for playing water polo, submit your timecard weekly

7. Acalanes Athletics Spectator Code of Conduct - Review before games so we can allow our boys to play and we can enjoy watching

Picture Day is September 20 - OPT-IN

  • Opt-In/Subscribe via text message, before picture day. Once pictures are ready for ordering, you will receive the link and access code to order. All orders are mailed directly to parents' homes. It's that easy! :)

  • *Parents MUST opt-in via text to receive the ordering link and SPECIAL PROMOTIONS

  • Text "2223ACAWPM" to 90738 to opt-in for picture day

Sophomores and Juniors - Reminder to register before August 26th for Athletic PE to earn 5 credits towards the physical education graduation requirement.

  • Learn more about the program here: Athletic PE requirement information.

  • Complete the contract and turn it into the counseling office before August 26th Athletic PE Contract

  • Once enrolled in Athletic PE, complete a weekly timecard. (Must be turned in on a weekly basis and signed by a Coach). You are responsible for completing and turning it into the counseling office. Please make a copy or take a picture before turning it in so you have a record.

Volunteer Signups

  • Since rosters have not been assigned yet, hold off on the game volunteer jobs

  • There are a few sign ups that are not dependent on the team

  • Please take a look at the volunteer sheet and if you can sign up for Breakfast, Drivers, or Lead that would be fantastic!

  • Volunteer Spreadsheet - Please signup for 12 volunteer slots, THANK YOU!

  • Drivers - parents drive athletes to games and carpool is best so only a few have to drive, remember boys have to be an hour early to warm up. If you have a large car and can take a large amount of passengers, it would be greatly appreciated. In order to be a driver you need to submit a Volunteer Auto Use Form to Acalanes High School. The form is on the Drivers tab of the volunteer sign up sheet.

  • Seasonal Lead Jobs - We need a Senior Night lead and End of Season Banquet lead. Senior Night lead coordinates the celebration of seniors on October 12, you will work with girls' lead to make it a fun send off for our seniors, we have 8 this year! We need a non-senior parent to lead this one. End of Season Banquet coordinates the banquet to celebrate all of our players.

5. Volunteer Auto Use Form

  • The team carpools to away games. If you think you may be able to volunteer as a driver, please complete the attached auto use form and submit it to Hannah Welling at

  • Volunteer Auto Use Form

More updates:

Positive Parenting

  • Complete the Positive Parenting within School Programs online course. This takes about 45 minutes to complete and if we reach 75% participation then our water polo program will be allowed to keep the funds earmarked for CIF, NCS, & DAL dues. This adds up so please take the time to complete the course.

  • Positive Parenting within School Programs Link

If you haven't paid your participation fee please do so:

Payment (Acalanes water polo is funded by ASB, Foundation, and Boosters) Please contribute to the ASB participation fee and donate to both Lafayette Water Polo Foundation and Boosters which are tax deductible donations. Please see recommended amounts below.

Participation fee pays for coaches salaries, our year end banquet, equipment, and senior night. If we do not receive enough participation then we have to take away from our tiny budget.

Acalanes Student Body Participation Fee (Acalanes Webstore (ASB) $355/player) - Acalanes Webstore -> Sports -> Waterpolo Boys

Coaches stipend(year end gift/bonus) is funded by the Foundation so any amount is appreciated. The team does not collect a separate year end gift for coaches, your donation covers it and also helps to develop athletes in the off season.

Lafayette Water Polo Foundation (AKA Dons 5 Meter Club) Tax deductible donation levels, team requests that each family consider donating $350

- LWPF Donation

Boosters Bash is later in the year when the raffle winner will be announced, make sure to get your tickets and money to Danielle.

Acalanes Boosters - Acalanes Athletic Boosters Tax deductible memberships from $125-$1000, plus we ask each family to sell/buy $50 in raffle tickets for Boosters Bash later in the season. Membership gets you into home games for free.

Danielle Gallager is collecting all the raffle tickets and money Acalanes Boosters Donation

*Acalanes water polo is funded by three organizations: ASB, Boosters, and Lafayette Water Polo Foundation. Please contribute to the participation fee and donate to both Boosters and Lafayette Water Polo Foundation. Your Boosters membership will allow you to bypass the gate fee to home games, and it can be tax deductible!

Sophomores and Juniors - Reminder to complete a weekly timecard and have Coach Jordan sign it then turn it into the counseling office; they are due each week. If you haven't turned in your timecards, you will be dropped from the class and will not earn your PE credits! Double check your Canvas PE class and it should tell you how many hours you have submitted each week.

  • To obain credits, eligible students must: Participate in the CIF approved (school sponsored) sport. Each season of sport counts for 5 credits. Complete the Athletic PE Contract/Application Athletic PE requirement information.

  • Athletic PE Contract Application

  • Weekly Athletic PE Timecard (Must be turned in on a weekly basis and signed by Coach Jordan every Friday). You are responsible for turning it into the counseling office. Please make a copy or take a picture before turning it in so you have proof.

Athlete and Parent Contact Information (Google form)

Athletic Team Carpooling - COVID Guidance and Protocols from AUHSD

As a reminder, in order to transport students to and from events, you must fill out the volunteer personal automobile form (linked here).

If you volunteer to transport students to and from athletic events, you are agreeing to transport students regardless of vaccination status and it is inappropriate for parent volunteers to inquire regarding the vaccination status of the athletes that they are transporting. Everyone within the car, including the parent volunteer, must wear a mask for the entirety of the time in the car - this is in accordance with CDPH requirements that all schools require indoor masking. It is recommended that windows be down when possible.

We understand that during this difficult time, you may not feel comfortable volunteering to drive our students. We respect your decision and we thank those of you who continue to transport our kids.

Games(for more information view Game schedule tab)

If you signed up for carpooling, please go to the volunteer sign-up sheet and select a different job.

Volunteer Signups (for more information view Volunteer tab)

We need volunteers for Monday breakfasts, seasonal positions

*Volunteer Jobs - Volunteer Job Signup Sheet

We also added a new volunteer shift for the home games. Gate duty charges adults $5 and $3 for children/seniors, cash only. Boosters membership, ASB(Associated Student Body) card holders, and Lafayette school children get in for free. We need one person for every non-league home game and the shift is only at the very beginning of the game, super easy.

  • Monday breakfasts - sign up to bring breakfast for the athletes and coaches Monday after practice, deliver by 7:45 AM

  • Leads - Sign-up to lead a team for desk, photographer, videographer, and special events

  • Game day - Away games we need drivers to transport athletes to game sites. Home games we need desk workers for shot and game clock and the book

  • Special events - needs vary and will be communicated closer to the event date.

Please enter your name in the time slots where you can volunteer: Volunteer Signup Sheet

4 wins back to back, undefeated in Jesuit Tournament

2019 Acalanes Boys Water Polo NCS Division 1 Champion

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